Learning Dutch

with a personal touch


We offer beginner Dutch courses for expats up to A2 level to get you speaking Dutch with confidence.

Active Dutch offers beginner Dutch courses for expats in Alphen aan den Rijn, just 15 minutes by train from Leiden. My unique and personal approach will help you quickly develop your Dutch language skills through either online Dutch lessons or in-person classes, and gain the confidence to apply these skills in your daily life in the Netherlands! Meet other expats in small group Dutch classes, or choose private Dutch lessons with me to reach your specific goals.

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12 Everyday conversations in Dutch ebook
12 Everyday conversations in Dutch ebook
12 Everyday conversations in Dutch ebook
12 Everyday conversations in Dutch ebook

Why should you learn Dutch as an expat?

Most ​Nederlanders​ speak great English, so many expats feel unsure as to whether they should learn Dutch at all. But if any of the below apply to you, click to learn how I can help you learn Dutch and feel at home in my beautiful country!

Does learning Dutch seem so difficult that you almost don’t even want to try?

Incorporating real-life video assignments and interactive games makes our ​Dutch
courses for beginners​ ​engaging and enjoyable, not just educational​! My goal is to make you enjoy learning Dutch.

Do you feel disconnected from the people, culture, and language around you?

My Dutch language lessons don’t just teach you the skills, but help you ​understand the culture of the Netherlands!

Do you feel intimidated while shopping, out for dinner, or interacting with locals?

The primary goal of our ​beginner Dutch lessons ​is that you feel confident having the basic everyday conversations in Dutch. ​With small class sizes of 6 or less, you will have plenty of practice and personal attention to build your confidence speaking Dutch​!

Do you want to make more Dutch friends or start understanding your Dutch partner or children?

It can feel alienating when everyone around you is speaking a language you don’t understand! Our courses can help you ​integrate with new people​ or ​start participating in the Dutch conversations​ around you!

Do you feel that not speaking any Dutch is limiting your job opportunities?

While there are employers in the Netherlands that hire non-Dutch speakers, learning Dutch (even at an A1 or A2 level!) opens up far ​more opportunities​!

Are you planning a move to the Netherlands, but are nervous about the language barrier?

Expatica recommends learning Dutch to make the transition easier! Enroll in our ​online group courses​ or receive ​private lessons online​ before you arrive and ​start your new life with confidence​!

Did you try self-learning, but are realizing you have spent hours studying Dutch but are still without the confidence and practical skills to have a conversation?

In just ​20 hours of lessons ​(either online or in ​Alphen aan den Rijn​) plus weekly homework you will actually feel motivated to complete, you will ​be astounded by your progress!