DUTCH Courses

Private Dutch lesson student with Anouk

Help your employees feel more at home in the Netherlands and get to know each other better with beginner Dutch lessons they’ll actually enjoy!

Companies with international employees know the value of making their employees feel at home, both in the company and in their new home country. Incompany Dutch classes with me will do just that: create a fun, engaging atmosphere for your employees to get to know each other while quickly and effectively improving their Dutch language skills. 

Benefits of incompany Dutch lessons with Active Dutch:

  • Stronger bonds between staff: International employees learn Dutch together, creating stronger bonds within your team

  • Demonstates commitment to your employees’ growth and development: Offering new employees a free Dutch language course demonstrates that your company values their development, and shows that you want them to stay and grow with you in the Netherlands

  • Convenient time and location: Courses can be arranged at your offices or online, at the time that works best for your schedule

  • Cost-effective: A group incompany course is less expensive per hour than registering individual employees for individual courses

  • Increased accountability: Employees are more likely to attend and participate fully in a company-sponsored course surrounded by colleagues, leading to quick and effective language learning 

  • Experienced teacher: I have taught for 10+ years, including incompany courses for a variety of organizations including tech companies and international schools

  • Socializing between international and local employees: Your employees will learn to have a simple everyday conversation in Dutch, allowing them to participate in conversations with their Dutch colleagues or clients


Incompany Dutch courses

Course Length

Students typically need 40 hours of instruction to reach level A1, and another 40 hours to reach level A2.

Lesson Schedule

Most companies choose one 2-hour class per week during office hours (9:00-17:00), but I can also accommodate alternative schedules.

Language Level

I offer courses from beginner to A2. This allows your employees to start from 0 and gain skills and confidence together as a group.

Teaching method

Interactive, in-person lessons using mini whiteboards for all students and lots of group work activities, quizzes, and roleplays. Virtual lessons are also possible.

Class Size

Maximum 10 students per lesson, grouped by language proficiency.


Learning Outcomes

Before the start of the course there will be a free call to discuss your learning goals and any special wishes. Courses can be concluded with a final test and a certificate, if desired.


Prices starting at €125 per hour + €0,23 per kilometer (from Alphen a/d Rijn)