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It’s been a new adventure that has brought me new knowledge, skills and life opportunities. Anouk is a wonderful teacher, very experienced, creative, helpful and supportive. Her bright personality and a good sense of humour have created the atmosphere of success in every lesson of the course. Anouk has provided the students with useful materials to study (to print out, to read, to watch and to listen), lively examples referring to the Dutch culture and everyday life. I started the course without a single word in my Dutch vocabulary but after some months with Anouk’s course I was able to undertand and read Dutch while travelling which filled me with joy and confidence. I am proud of myself and very grateful to Anouk, my Dutch teacher.

Tatiana, Balarus

Very professional Teacher, that makes you feel at ease to learn Dutch ! The Bronze course is a good starter for learning the basics of Dutch language and it was done in an engaging way 🙂

Sylvain, France

Anouk is a professional and great teacher. For my second part of integration I have to pass 5 exams of level A2. I took a private course with Anouk in her house. I liked my lessons with Anouk. Everything was well organized and clear. And we had also a lot of fun.

Julia, Ukraine

Anouk is a great teacher. At the start of the private course, I informed Anouk which areas I want to focus on during the course and she really assisted me in improving my Dutch. She uses a variety of materials to keep the lessons interesting and effective in learning Dutch.

Alita, South Africa

I did the Gold course online with Anouk and would highly recommend. The lessons are really useful, engaging and there is a friendly and positive atmosphere. Anouk is organised, efficient and takes the time to make sure the lessons cater for the skills of the students. I really enjoyed the activities and games that we played to make use of the key vocabulary and to practice making sentences in Dutch. I feel more confident to have simple conversations in Dutch. Dank je wel Anouk 🙂

Jessica, UK

This was a great course! Anouk is a personable and effective instructor. I also liked the textbooks very much. The course was structured very clearly. I highly recommend taking Active Dutch with Anouk.

Lorie, US

I highly recommend classes wth Anouk at Active Dutch! Her small group classes on Zoom are effective, engaging, fun, and convenient. I appreciate the personal attention she gives to me and the other students, which I’m pretty sure I would not get at a larger language school 😉 I love her approach to teaching… how she “mixes it up” during our lessons and keeps it interesting and interactive with various exercises, games, and lessons. SO happy I found Anouk to guide me in my Dutch language learning journey!

Beth, US

I totally recommend Anouk to learn Dutch. She commits to her work and students, she creates good content to study actively. I have enjoyed the online course fo the platinum level. I recommend her courses for any level.

Isadora, Argentina

I enjoyed my lessons with Active Dutch. I had taken the bronze course. They were are well paced. My confidence level with Dutch has improved immensely. Every batch has a whatsapp group and Anouk readily helps with any queries we have on the group. So I don’t have to wait for the next class to ask my queries. Not just that, Anouk makes the whole learning a fun process.

Anish Nagaraj, India

I attended Dutch Bronze Course for 10 weeks. Anouk is really well prepared and organized for each lesson. All sessions are very interactive and you have the chance to practice with your classmates in breakout room. I start to use basic dutch words and expressions in my daily life in Netherlands. The most effective and fun way to learn Dutch. Dank je wel Anouk.

Özlem, Turkey

I recently finished my Dutch course bronze and during these 10 weeks I got an opportunity to actively read, speak and listen dutch. I am looking forward to the next level!

Ceren, Turkey

The lessons are enjoyable and Anouk uses different types of games to keep you active. As in the name, you are happily active while learning Dutch. Thanks Anouk!

Seda, Turkey

Anouk is a very experienced teacher who motivates students with her classes that are at just the right pace to challenge us. I enjoyed the zoom classes and there was always enough time to go back over things or ask questions. A very enjoyable way to learn Dutch.

Julie, Scotland

Anouk is a fantastic teacher. She has immense patience with her students. Her teaching methodology is meticulously planned and very effective. Anyone serious about learning Dutch should consider Anouk as their docent .

Anna, India

A very good shool, teacher is kind and understanding, moves at a good pace, and doesnt leave a subject, she explains it so that everyone would be able to understand, if you are thinking of starting learning dutch, this is the school for you

Valentinas, Lithuania

Great learning experience with a fabulous teacher! Speaking a bit of Dutch, understanding newspaper headlines and being able to follow a few conversations in everyday situations has helped me a lot to settle in to my new life in the Netherlands. I did learn all of the above in Anouk’s great Active Dutch courses. Anouk finds the perfect balance between hard work (grammar, vocabulary) and fun breakouts (games, quizzes) – and all of that in small groups. Intensive learning progress almost guaranteed. I can highly recommend!

Peter, Germany

I really loved taking this course with Anouk! It got me started with speaking Dutch and I feel so much more confident now in everyday conversations. Anouk’s teaching style makes you feel at ease all while giving you all the necessary grammar knowledge you need in the beginning. If you want to start learning Dutch as a beginner, I highly recommend Active Dutch!

Francesca, Italy

I really enjoy my lessons with Anouk. The course is very interactive and there is a lot of speaking practice. The topics are very relevant to everyday life and Anouk is always very supportive with questions and giving extra information if we need it. I am a language teacher myself, and I really like the way this course is designed and implemented. Dank je wel Anouk! Nu kan ik nederlands spreken!

Valentina, Greece

Anouk is a great teacher. She focus on detail and she gives you an opportunity to learn/speak Dutch in a safe environment. I enjoyed the course a lot.

Andrea, South Africa

I am enjoying lessons with Active Dutch. They are well paced. Materials used support each lesson well and are good tools for additional practise. Small groups mean that the teacher is able to check in with all participants throughout the lesson. Exercises can be adapted to be more challenging, or additional support can be given as and when it is needed. Feedback is constructive and helpful

Clare, South Africa

Lessons are interactive, enjoyable and informative! Thank you Anouk!

Angelique, South Africa

Anouk has created a very friendly and enjoyable environment during the course in spite of being online (which is always more challenging). She really cares for each of her students and remembers where we need more help. The course has been very useful and I have learned more than I initially expected, because Anouk has mixed different kind of motivational activities such as games to recap concepts, a lot of speaking with my other mates to apply grammar rules and useful Dutch vocabulary and phrases for my social and daily life.

Rosa, Spain

Good choice for starting your adventure with Dutch. The classes are fun and well- paced.

Kamila, Poland

I have really enjoyed learning Dutch with Anouk; I have started as a total beginner and have made a good progress. I am able now to have a little conversation in Dutch. Anouk always explains the grammar points clearly, teaches new useful vocabulary as well as shares information about Dutch culture and customs. The online lessons are fun as we are not only following the book but there are other activities like games or quiz to practice Dutch. I have no hesitation to recommend Anouk to any new student wanting to learn or improve their Dutch.

Marta, Poland

Attended Bronze class, which will introduce a non dutch speaking expat to basic dutch. I found the sessions very interactive with lot of breakout room sessions which helped to practise and improve during each class itself. Received feedback for home learning assignments, immediately after submission. Now I am able to start introductory conversations in Dutch and am able to follow few of basic conversations if its communicated not in fast pace. Hope to improve in due course of time. Thanks to Anouk’s guidance and patience.

Joseph, India

I really recommend doing a course with Anouk. She makes you feel very much at ease and this is very important if you are a beginner. You will learn a lot in not so much time and you will certainly enjoy doing it.

Francesca, Italy

I had the best time learning Dutch with Anouk! She was extremely helpful in giving me the confidence to speak Dutch and my grammar improved a lot in a short time. Her lessons are very engaging, fun and educational. I always look forward to her classes!

Pereni K, Singapore

I really enjoyed the beginner course with Anouk. The lessons (online because of covid) always felt relaxed and friendly, and with 5-6 students we had good atmosphere in class without losing the time to ask Anouk individual questions. After the class I can now form whole sentences, and have increased my vocabulary a lot. I also feel much more confident trying out my Dutch outside of class!

Megan, UK

I very much enjoyed having Anouk as a teacher. She keeps lessons engaging and fun, while paying the utmost attention to the individual progress of each student. She would patiently make small talk with the students before and after the lesson and give us recommendations as to what we could watch, read, or listen to to improve our Dutch and share little anecdotes about Dutch everyday. I really enjoyed the course; it motivated me to keep on learning Dutch and to learn more about the Netherlands.

Arno , Germany

Anouk was teaching me Dutch in [Dutch Gold] level. I really liked to go to the classes because she was always well prepared. We had a lot of interactive games, and beside the topics we had to discuss, she always came up with up to date topics and practical information about The Netherlands. I find it a very efficient teaching method, as it is very motivating to learn from a nice person who makes the lesson as colorful as possible! I hope we meet again sometime, and thank you a lot!

Imola , Hungary

I followed a Dutch course with Anouk in 2013. She is able to stimulate the students at evening lessons and understand the needs of expat people in a new country. She is extremely good at balancing grammar and conversation. I really appreciated her approach and the atmosphere she is able to create within the classroom. I really hope to have the possibility to follow other courses with Anouk.

Paolo , Italy

Anouk taught me Dutch over a 12 month period during 2011 / 12. I found her approach easy to understand and comprehend even though I really was starting from scratch with no former knowledge of the language. Lessons were never boring or dull, keeping a good balance of study and fun at all times. Anouk was also able to make our learning highly relevant to daily living such that we could apply what we learned immediately. A great teacher!

Gary , UK

Anouk is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I recommend her without hesitation!

Piotr , Poland