Active Dutch’s group courses (Bronze -> Platinum) align with the ​Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR),​ ensuring you are in the course best suited to your level of Dutch proficiency.

What is the CEFR?

It can often be difficult to describe language levels, but the CEFR is an internationally-recognized framework that helps language learners accurately describe their proficiency in any European language. ​The CEFR describes your language ability on a scale of from A1 (basic) up to C2 (full mastery and fluency). ​This framework makes it easy to determine your level and compare it to the level of others, describe your language level on a resume or application, and apply for the right language course for you.


What is my CEFR level?

The CEFR levels are:

●  A1 / A2 (Basic / Pre-Intermediate)

●  B1 / B2 (Intermediate / Upper Intermediate)

●  C1 / C2 (Advanced / Fluent)


To determine your level, download this CEFR language level rubric.​

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