Online Dutch Courses


Meet other expats in my small group courses designed to make learning Dutch engaging, enjoyable, and social!

“Anouk has created a very friendly and enjoyable environment during the course in spite of being online (which is always more challenging). She really cares for each of her students and remembers where we need more help.”

– Rosa, Spain

Active Dutch group course on Zoom

My group course teaching approach


By limiting my group courses to just six students, I ensure ​that you will have lots of opportunities to practice speaking Dutch. Instead of a traditional teacher-centred lesson, you will be actively engaged in learning​ through discussions, games, and interactive activities. We will use the book Taaltalent part 1​ or ​part 2to guide some of our learning. You will be expected to prepare before each lesson by completing homework or fun video assignments! To maximize your learning, I recommend 2-3 hours of guided self-study each week.

“Anouk finds the perfect balance between hard work (grammar, vocabulary) and fun breakouts (games, quizzes) – and all of that in small groups. Intensive learning progress almost guaranteed. I can highly recommend!” – Peter, Germany

Group Courses Online via Zoom – for Levels 0-A2

Each course includes:

  • 21 hours of live, group instruction via Zoom
  • Small group size (4-6 people) so you get my personal feedback and attention
  • A private intake session to assess your current level of Dutch (not needed for Level 0)
  • A Meet & Greet session to meet the other students and learn how we will work together

Cost: €415 (new price 2024)

Note: You will also need to purchase the course book (€34,95)

Upcoming Online Group Courses 


NOT SURE WHICH LEVEL IS RIGHT FOR YOU? See course descriptions below or schedule a free intake session with me to find out:


Dutch Bronze (beginner) – Thurdays 19:00 – 21:00| January 18 – March 28, 2024

Dutch Silver (low A1) – Mondays 19:00 – 21:00| January 15 – March 25, 2024

Dutch Silver (low A1) – Tuesdays 19:00 – 21:00| January 16 – March 26, 2024

Dutch Platinum (A2) – Wednesdays 19:00 – 21:00| January 17 – March 27

Want to meet me and get to know my teaching style before registering?

Dutch courses for expats - Bronze - Beginner

Dutch Bronze (0)

Dutch for beginners
Learn to:
  • introduce yourself and others
  • ask and say how you are
  • use numbers 1-100
  • congratulate someone
  • talk about your family
  • describe someone’s appearance
  • use basic grammar: personal pronouns, conjugate verbs, plural of nouns
  • ask questions and make sentences negative
  • use about 400 new everyday Dutch words!
Dutch courses for expats - Silver - Basic Dutch

Dutch Silver (low A1)

Learn to:
  • use common phrases while grocery shopping
  • talk about means of transportation
  • tell the time
  • talk about your house
  • talk about the past in the past tense (perfectum)
  • talk about your daily routine
  • use grammar: adjectives, auxiliary verbs (kunnen, mogen, moeten), words of frequency, comparative, separable verbs (inchecken) and word order with inversion
  • use about 500 new everyday Dutch words!
Dutch courses for expats - Basic Plus Dutch

Dutch Gold (high A1 - low A2)

Basic plus Dutch
Learn to:
  • talk about hobbies
  • go shopping for clothes
  • talk about food and speak with restaurant staff
  • give instructions on how to cook your favourite dish
  • make an appointment
  • talk about work
  • show uncertainty
  • new grammar: diminutive, the superlative, the future with “gaan”, making a suggestion with “zullen”, the imperative, conjunctions, deze/die/die/dat, the past tense of separable verbs (Ik heb mijn trui aangedaan)
  • use about 500 new practical Dutch words
Platinum medal

Dutch Platinum (A2)

Learn to:
  • talk about the city where you live
  • ask for and give directions
  • talk about what you did on the weekend
  • talk about school and education
  • have a telephone conversation
  • talk about your childhood
  • make a promise
  • talk about health
  • new grammar: indirect questions, er/daar, conjunctions (omdat/als), om te..,imperfectum, reflexive verbs (zich wassen), moeten/hoeven
  • use about 500 new practical Dutch words!

“I highly recommend classes wth Anouk at Active Dutch! Her small group classes on Zoom are effective, engaging, fun, and convenient. I appreciate the personal attention she gives to me and the other students, which I’m pretty sure I would not get at a larger language school 😉 I love her approach to teaching… how she “mixes it up” during our lessons and keeps it interesting and interactive with various exercises, games, and lessons. SO happy I found Anouk to guide me in my Dutch language learning journey!”

– Beth, USA